Well… dear friends, this is an absolutely exciting time in my life! I have been published and featured in two different magazines in the same month! I had dreamed a far off, unreasonable (or so I thought), dream that someday I might have my work published in a magazine and see my name in print (and good heavens would it be awesome to be in that beautiful and dreamy magazine Romantic Homes). Well…I never thought it would happen so quickly after I put myself out there. After all, I’d only been creating jewelry for four months at the time and felt like a creative spaz in all other areas of my artsy sphere.  I was inspired by a few of my new found art camp friends, Colleen Pike mostly, to submit my work to Stampington & Co. Colleen had bravely submitted her beautiful pieces of jewelry and had gotten a few of many of her pieces published (a multiple page spread!), so I decided to give it a shot. What did I have to lose!?

So here we are in November. The Winter 2013 issue of Altered Couture came out this week and my article begins on page 77. Talk about a great number for my first publication! It’s a great issue, full of fun redo’s of pajamas, shoes, and other upcycled outfits. This is SO exciting!


 Here is my excited face…my preview copy had just arrived in the mail!

ALSO, my blog (yes this blog that you are reading right now) is featured in Beth Livesay’s “Blog Wonderland” segment in the December 2012 issue of Romantic Homes!! Colleen also had her blog featured in the same section! Visit Colleen’s blog post here to read more about it and see a photo of my little feature!! I went to four different stores today looking for my own copy of this issue! Apparently they are no where to be found in my near vicinity! Watch for it on a newsstand near you!

In January, my jewelry and articles will be published in Jewelry Affaire! Can’t wait for that one to come out too!

Have a lovely day! And go do something crazy that you’ve always dreamed of! It might just work out!! 🙂