Whimsical Moss & Mushroom Party

This dreamy little brunch that I put together for my friends was so fun to plan and carry out. The mossy centerpiece and button mushrooms add just the right amount of whimsy. I created pattern paper backed plates and some delectable dishes. I’ll be posting some tutorials and recipes this week! But for now, feel free to peruse the cuteness…including my Ameracauna chick Pearl (who we later discovered was Earl – the rooster)!

Caroline’s Berry Pavlova Recipe

This is one of my pretty little ladies…her name is Pearl and she is an Ameraucana. We just got baby chicks on Thursday, and now they are about a week old. We felt that Pearl would make a cute addition to the decor for a few minutes, so Danielle snaped a few photos of her as well. 🙂 So adorable and sweet…and growing so fast!

 Have a lovely day!