A Year of Artistic Discovery

I’ve deemed 2012 my “Year of Artistic Discovery.” I feel like I ended 2011 in a state of artistic confusion, not knowing what direction to go in (and I still feel like that occasionally!), but this year I have learned so many new techniques and skills, started teaching classes (smashed that fear!), stretched my design abilities, and taken so many wonderful classes from super fantastically talented people like Andrea ChebeleuKristen RobinsonRuth RaeAlexis GrenzerTerri Brush, and Melody Ross! My creative abilities seem to have been set free from the little box they were in. I started dreaming bigger, taking more leaps of faith, and feel for the first time that I’m not just creative…I am an artist. I can create beautiful things that touch peoples lives and hearts….and I can help inspire others discover their artistic journey. I really can’t wait to see what the next year holds! I’ll be ending 2012 by having my work featured in two awesome magazines (see above photo for one of them!!). If you asked me at the beginning of the year if I thought that would ever happen (even in 5 years), I would have laughed. I’m so thankful for all that has happened this year…and it’s not even over yet!

Art Camp with Terri Brush

This year I had the great pleasure of attending Artist Terri Brush‘s Art Camp, on the beautiful Oregon coast. It was a magical weekend full of beauty, laughter, friendship, and inspiration…and midnight crafting sessions!

 I’d never done anything like quite so artsy and fun before, but I’m so glad I did! A weekend at the beach, all day crafting and learning from super talented artists, being pampered, getting cute little welcome packages, exchanging art with other campers, winning a drawing for a cute camera bag, eating amazing food, hanging out with the most fun ladies…um yes please! I’d do it all over again, every year, if I could! 🙂

Here are some of the photos I took during the weekend…

Terri and her team placed these adorable little kits on each of our spots for us. Everything was just gorgeous, each detail was so cute!

Alexis (Lexi) and Cindy in front of the art camp house.

Lexi and I excited about our first night at art camp!

Kristen Robinson demonstrating how to pour resin.

The main camp house…gorgeous!

This was my messy workspace. Beautiful things were being made…

Rita in ‘mad squirrel mode.’

Crafty ladies! Woot woot!

Me and my artsy friends…the lovely group of ladies from San Jose. We’re a little crazy, in the best way.


The photos below are a few of  the treasures I created while at art camp.

Kristen Robinson‘s assemblage style bracelet class, using resin and ribbon. I ended up making mine a necklace. She’s got the most adorable style.


Terri‘s etched metal and soldered jem bracelet class. I love the rustic bling of this piece. I wear it all the time!


Ruth Rae‘s twisted wire jewelry class. This one was way out of my box…but I absolutely love it!

If you ever get the chance to go to Terri’s Art Camp or any other creative retreat…I would highly recommend it!